zaterdag 2 januari 2016

Saturday Paint Table 14: Out with the old, in with the new

A new year, a new blog post! And a completely new load of figures on my desk! I finished the French platoon, all varnished and now waiting to get flocked. The perfect job for tomorrow...

While ending my French project I had already started on the first couple of German troops and now I have cleaned up the rest of them (the few that I still had cents for to base them on). So I'll get them done together with the tracks of that Zvezda Pz38t to get a flying start for a BA German platoon later on. The guns are a bunch of Soviet infantry guns by PSC that had been abandoned after a basecoat many months ago. They are now waiting for the final coat of varnish, just a quick thing that I got out of the way.
For a slight change of pace I'll be moving away from 15mm WW2 after that and get Scooby and the gang done. They have been standing around in a basecoat since right after I bought them at Crisis (2014 I think, and hope). The other small project I want to cross of my list are the Terminator Genisys endoskeletons. I bought a box of plastic ones at Crisis last year and together with the two blisters of special weapons/"characters", so that would be 13 figures (and 4 crawlers) in total. Another limited and manageable force.
Just imagine, completing two forces only months after buying them at Crisis??? Surely the End Times must be upon us :-)

Happy painting and gaming!!!
See you next week...

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