zaterdag 5 december 2015

Paint Table Saturday 11: Now With Extra Plastic

For my doing, hot on the heels of the last installment and for once bang on schedule... I had hoped to finish prepping my entire French platoon by now, but I got sidetracked a bit earlier this week when my order from Tokyo Hobby arrived. With his low low prices and cheap shipping, I just can't find those kits in Europe at that price level.

After picking up a load of other cheap 1/48 modern US kits for the Terminator Genisys I was still looking for a Hummer in that scale. And there seem to be surprisingly few of those around. So back to my favourite Japanese plastic crack dealer for the Tamiya model. Not completely finished yet to have easy acces while painting, but that's just some small details. 

The Hummer was so cheap that I still had enough room left before hitting the €22 dutyfree import limit to buy a gunpla kit. Those Bandai kits are incredible value for money! A multi coloured fully poseable snap fit kit standing 12cm tall... for about ten euros (including shipping). To give Ganesha Games' big robot game a spin I now have another three kits on the way from Japan and am brushing up on Gundam history on Youtube.

So with the plastic kit building done, it was back to the painting table to continue work on my Peter Pig French forces. Some more batches of infantry were added to the line as were the antitank gun and the Panhard armoured car. Leaving only the Somua tank and nine more infantry to get the entire force in production, leaving a few gun crew that I don't need at this time. All in all, no too bad for me...
Let's see if I can keep up this blistereing pace :-)

Happy gaming and painting!
See you next time...

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