vrijdag 2 november 2012

Crisis 2012 Preview

(picture from the TSOA facebookpage)

Believe it or not, but tomorrow this old warehouse in the Antwerp harbour will be the Wargaming Walhalla of continental Europe. The guys from TSOA are hard at work (I hope) with setting up this year's convention.

I don't have any big "must buy" list prepared for tomorrow. If anything I'll be heading down there with a "don't need much at all" attitude. 
What's that you're saying? Heresy?

I seem to be at a point in my hobby that I seem to be have gotten the "Ooh Shiny" bug under some form of control. Could it be that I've finally found a focus?

So what are the few items that are a definite "must buy"?

- Vallejo paint and (lots of) varnish for my 3D dungeon project (currently on hold due to lack of supplies)
- Adler 6mm WW2 Russians (on pre-order): all the mortars, AT rifles and engineers that are missing for my FoW army
- Some scenery (buildings, hedges,...)
- Maybe a few blisters of support weapons for my Bolt Action Brits (Vickers, 3" mortar)
- Possibly a few "follies" from Crooked Dice like their Blake's 7, Space 1999 or Silent Running mini's

Come back on Sunday to see how I did :-)

Happy gaming everybody!

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  1. Hey Ludo,

    let something for the others to buy! See you over there! ;-)



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