woensdag 12 september 2012

I Hate Mantic!!!

And I'll tell you why in a minute or so. 

But first off all, yes, I'm still alive (obviously). But in the battle with daily life I seem to have been throwing nothing but 1s for quite some time now. And when having to choose between playing, painting, blogging, housekeeping, work etc... something had to give. While I have been playing some games (Kings of War, Dwarf King's Hold, Flames of War), the painting and blogging didn't make the cut.
Now that I've switched to using trick dice, the number of 1s has gone down and I've spent some time painting again and here is my return to the blog.

Now back to Mantic and why I hate them...

A few months ago I supported Mantic's hugely succesfull Kickstarter campaign for Kings of War and have been waiting for my rewards since then. Having chosen the Goblin army I knew I would have to wait a while as they are the newest army in the range.

But even before this box crammed full of Gobbos landed on my doorstep, they decided to launch a new Kickstarter campaign for their newest game: Dreadball. And the more I read about the rules and gameplay (links can be found on the Kickstarter page), the more I'm tempted to support this one as well. 

Mantic, all about affordable gaming??? My a**!!!
I'll have spent more on Mantic in the last months than I did on GW for many years.
(Eh Ronny, can I pay in kidneys? I've got a spare one somewhere.)

While my purchases were pretty moderate over the past half year, now I'm faced with a 202 figure 1000+ point Goblin army (and a lone Orc shaman). Now I'm faced with the prospect of another 56 figures for Dreadball (at this time and likely to grow) if I back the campaign and there's well over 100 more Kings of War figures inbound sometime in Q2 2013 from that Kickstarter.

The rank and file of the army are made up from a single sprue of Goblin archers with metal arms for the spear- and swordsmen. Not the greatest variety of figures and poses, but this way they were able to get most of the army on the market in a single go. Only 178 more Gobbos left to assemble after these first two...
What was I thinking???

They're backed up by three "War Trombones", blunderbusses on steroids really. Short ranged but with 20 attacks each you don't want to face them. Guess I'll stick them behind some units who will most likely die quickly in combat, putting the victorious enemy unit in the kill zone of these little fellas :-)

And these cuties are "Mawbeasts", basically teeth on legs. There's enough of them for two troops or a single regiment. Next year they'll be reinforced by some real Goblin cavalry thanks to Kickstarter.

And here are the characters, rather limited for the moment. Please, please, please, release some more soon. I don't want to have to scour ebay for some GW ones.

Don't expect any pictures of painted figures any time soon. This army has been designated as my coffee/lunchbreak project:. I'll be building my figures on my breaks. I'll use my worktime to eat and drink instead, haha. Right now I'm spending my painting time on my Dwarf King's Hold dungeon tiles set.

Hope to see you soon!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. 358 figures to paint? WhoeHahaa!
    Or to quote Bruce Willis :Yipieyayee M*F*

    Glad to have you back mate


  2. I have a coffee/lunchbreak project in my office too. Usually it's buried under a pile of file folders. Occasionaly people notice it when they are visiting my office and it makes for interesting conversations.
    Glad life is going better for you and welcome bac to the hobby. Looks like those goobos will keep you busy. I love the war trombone!


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