zondag 27 december 2009

The counter goes up...

Shopping for presents for my nieces at the loacal toy store... never a good idea. The store might be getting out of GW, but there still is quite a bit of stock left.
I have way too much 40K stuff hoarded, so I plan to do some gaming with it in the coming year. And I didn't have the "Cities of death" book yet. Stage 1 of the ending sale discount earned. To get the full discount, I also bought an Ent from the LotR range. Nice model, and it will probably end up in a "Songs of Blades and Heroes" warband toghether with some of the Confrontation Daïkinee Elves (woodelves) I rediscovered in my recent reorganisation.
This brings the counter (top left on the page) to 12, thanks to the b*%£*%ds at GW who decided to put two dead orcs with the Ent. Later today it should go back to 9 as I should be varnishing my three Minabari ships later on. If I push myself a bit, the counter could reach zero before the new year. Let's try anyway...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great idea with the counter. I would be too scared to put one up. Mine would be way too high and my wife might see it.

  2. Obviously my counter doesn't include all the stuff that has been hiding, unpainted, in the cupboards. I just started it one day (after a short break from painting/gaming) from zero. The idea is to turn this number as negative as possible.
    That way you can impress your wife...