zondag 24 mei 2009

Victory (and some zombies)

I've been enjoying a four day weekend and even though I've been wasting a lot of time on my PSP I have been getting in some gaming and painting as well.

On friday we continued with day two of the Eastern Front Blitzkrieg Commander campaign. On turn one I didn't get to through the Germans fast enough to take the objective and so the tables got turned. This time I had to defend the objective. Some well placed anti tank ditches and lots of wire forced the Germans to rely on a flanking attack to take the objective within the time limits, but I was able to destroy enough enemy units to make sure he couldn't claim the objective. A minor victory for the glorious Russian army!
Next battle: the same scenario, again! With 1875 points vesrus 750 points Germans. This may seem like a walkover, but this is not unlike the last couple of games. A dug in defender, that is invisible at the start of the game, is a very tough nut to crack.

Last Tuesday I found my order of Wargames Factory zombies in the mailbox and I started putting one of the sprues together. And I started painting them immediately. The fact that these are all individuals seems to get me painting more quickly than when I have units to paint. The monotony, I guess. From left to right they go from finished (just varnish to apply) to just flesh. Meet bald skater dude, fat survivalist dude, soccer fan, doctor, biker punk and stressed out cubicle guy...

Not a bad weekend, and it still isn't over. And now you'll have to excuse me, my PSP is calling me...

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