maandag 11 mei 2009

Action 2009 product review...

OK, so where did the money go to at the Rheindahlen show this year?

First, third, fifth and last stop at any show is the bring and buy stand. Here I picked up an Ogre tyrant and a Helldorado Saracen fighter. While I no longer fancy the idea of building an Ogre kingdom army, the tyrant will make a nice personality for an ogre Songs of Blades and Heroes warband. The Helldorado figures I own will end up that way too.
I also bought a box of Pegasus Miniatures "Large gothic building" from one of the traders. Excellent value for money, the box is packed solid with walls and assorted nicknacks to decorate them with.

One of the other traders had some Starship Troopers boxes stashed under his table and after some Mediterranean style bargaining I got a nice deal and walk away with some hopper bugs and a pair of MI suits.

Some more scenery in the form of Pegasus "Farm animals set" and the 1/72nd scale "Area 51 UFO". That last kit is intended for pulp SF gaming, looks pretty nice but (compared to the gothic building set) rather expensive for what you get. And I also bought Ceasar's "Modern US elite forces" for Ambush Alley. These figures wear the latest model of body armour and weapons and like all Ceasar figures look absolutely great!

Here you can see the UFO standing next to a pair of Hydra miniatures troopers. The kit is basically an upper and lower disc, four legs with hatches (not shown) and a green transparent dome and windows (also not shown in the picture)

Not pictured at all are some GHQ Russian WWII tanks and aircraft, these are being worked on (and played with) and some magazines.

All in all a pretty diverse batch of new stuff but everything was bought with a purpose, I managed to avoid the "ooh shiny" impulse buys...

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