dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Bugs, Millions of them...

...no, I haven't been playing Starship Troopers or any other SciFi game. I've been overrun with the flu, not bad enough to be completely knocked out, but not light enough to continue painting. Everything has ground to a halt.

I did finish a few GHQ trucks for my Russian WW2 army and started painting my Hydra Miniatures pulp SF troopers early last week, but then real life intruded. First I lost a few evenings to social events and together with the weekend, the bugs arrived... At this time I still have some headaches, keep coughing up parts of my lungs and my nose is either blocked up completely or running wild. It will be a few days more before I start painting again.

One thing I was still capable of doing: buying more lead... At long last one of the "local" gamestores decided to discount some items. Including the Starship Troopers range. A year ago I would gave walked away with half the boxes in the shop, now I left with just one! How frugal! They had a box of LAMIs left, the troopers as seen in the movies, at half price. Even at full price they were a steal at 25 euro for 20 figures so who can resist the at half price...

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